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Track and Locate your assets or vehicles, personal or fleet, 24 hours, and 7days a week.
Fitted in your vehicle or you may place it covertly into your assets and track all their movements.
Tracking all movements is as it happens live, with accurate gps co-ordinates and satellite, map and
hybrid satellite/map pictures all available simultaneously.
No special software is required, and absolutely no contracts or fixed or recurring monthly costs.
Simply log in to our website with your unique username and password, and you have full access to
view the current position as well as all movements made.
You are able to Track and locate, monitor and view live updates from any internet access point or
cellular phone with internet access, from anywhere in the world, anytime of the day or night.
You are also able to retrieve historical data, of trips made or route travelled, with details of each point
stopped, speeds travelled along the way and the estimated mileage covered.
Personal vehicle or asset tracking, business or valuable goods in transit monitoring, fleet owners
or managers all will find incredible use for these features as well as enormous costs savings benefits
multiplied and compounded over time, whether it’s just 1 vehicle or an entire fleet, when you calculate
the monthly recurring costs of the conventional tracking systems widely used, and compare to our once–off
cost, the savings and benefits additional to the many features will prove most attractive
The easiest way to make money and profit is to save. By using our new revolutionary system, the
savings are enormous and continuous.
To turn a profit, you must make efforts and sometimes costly investments in time or services, however
to cut costs without cutting services, the savings you reap are all more valuable than any profit you can
make , because savings of this nature by cutting only costs and not services required are pure profit
without any cost.
This is the revolution of our tracking / fleet management system, whereby you still maintain critical
fleet management tracking, but totally eliminate recurring and repeat continuous monthly costs
altogether and realize all this as immediate savings which translate to significant cost benefits.
When compounded and calculated over contract terms of similar tracking products, the savings are
Fitment centres available in your area,
Additional agents required country-wide.
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Gps247.org – January 2011

Whichever of the tracking companies you are using for tracking or fleet management, u ARE CERTAINLY PAYING TOO MUCH!

yes, we are absolutely certain, from personal experience as a company with a fleet of vehicles, we too have paid considerably, approx R 800'000-00 over the past decade, so when our contracts again came up for renewal in November 2010, we did a comprehensive and thorough investigation in all the different pricing models and options available to us with a view to optimise and reduce costs.

this is no gimmick, its real, real value and real cost savings, it’s a exceptional product being offered and will certainly put rands , many thousands over years or across your fleet back into your pocket, remember, to make a profit is costly and time consuming, requires a investment in time, product or stock, that must be sold at a profit, apart from marketing energy and the sale or service that must be completed, but to save money costs nothing and so saving money is real value and easy profit, and saving on costs is the best, easiest & most valuable profit.

Call now, and start saving immediately by breaking FREE from the shackles of continuous and repeat monthly tracking costs, after paying for the vehicle, its yours, but long after you finish pay for the vehicle , you are never really free from the monthly cost of the tracking device, we introduce you to a first in South Africa, buy our device, get the tracking on the website free and have absolutely no compulsory monthly fees or fixed repeat costs...

our device if yours for life, and can be removed and re-installed for less than R200 is you change the vehicle or sell it.

Currently, available in the market..
What we found was that there are mainly 3 price and cost models available across the spectrum of services in this market.

1. Pay in advance for hardware, and then pay a monthly fee
2. Pay nothing in advance, but a slightly higher monthly fee.
3. Pay for the hardware, and have a month to month contract.

Whichever of the options you choose, you will continue to pay forever, YES, FOREVER, as long as you want to use the tracking device as active, live or functional, you will be paying something, month after month after month..
Yes, you can choose to cancel, but tracking ceases and all the money you have paid is worthless.

We introduce a first, 1st in SA, buy our tracking device and track your fleet or assets on the internet FREE.
Yes, after the initial cost of the device, you are free to use the tracking and fleet management capabilities by tracking and watching the live movements and historical data all stored on the internet.

Recovery costs are only ever incurred when you / tracking service provider goes to fetch the vehicle after theft. By having a recovery option included, you are only enriching the tracking company and paying for the maintenance of the recovery infrastructure. statistically, 5 out of 100 vehicles are stolen, this means there is a 95% chance your vehicle will never be stolen, in that unlikely 2% chance of it being stolen, our device being non conventional has the advantage and edge over conventional devices that the thieves will not remove it, we can then from the safety of office or home get the precise location of the vehicle whenever we wish to use the SAPS service which we are entitled to as citizens, and have the advantage of this mega size force far far bigger that any and all private recovery infrastructure combined.

so basically in the unlikely event of the vehicle being stolen, you pass the precise street address and even map pictures of the exact location to the police and have them retrieve the vehicle, although the private recovery option always remains available at a cost if necessary.

the device is used as additional security as a stolen vehicle recovery tool, but the primary value , worth and functionality is as a fleet management tool, track and locate the exact position of your vehicle / asset 24/7/365, whether its your family or loved ones in a private vehicle, or its your delivery vehicle moving around from warehouse to clients, or whether its a high value asset that you are interested in following movements of, whatever your needs, you can
see clearly where the vehicle has travelled, different speeds, and even go back to track and replay the trips made with that vehicle from the historical data that’s saved, the replay function will even show speeds travelled, estimated distance as well as  stops made and for how long and at  what time frame..

Yes, our system has limited functionality as compared to some of the extra 'bells and whistles' of the other systems and the expensive optional extras, but remember, ours if FREE, FREE of any compulsory fixed costs after the initial purchase..
And whatever the price, whether its R39 per month or R390 per month, OURS IS FREE!

secondly, we have found from personal experience, things like 'geo fencing' where you put a geographical fence around a area and are alerted when the vehicle leaves, are often inaccurate, dysfunctional, problematic , most importantly, they are hardly ever used..like the many extra features on our cell phone, computer or even car, hardly ever used...

thirdly, the other features like fuel cut off, engine cut off, braking stats etc, are also sold on as excellent features, but from our experience as a fleet manager, these stats are hardly ever used, it’s just simply too much data to digest especially in this information age where we are constantly being showered with stats and data all around us...

a simple, free and useful fleet management tool that’s FREE after the initial purchase, completely owned by you without any compulsory or continuous monthly costs paid to us whatsoever,  and can track and locate your vehicle or asset  anytime, 24/7/365 and does have historical trip data, speeds travelled, distance covered, and can be accessed and tracked anywhere, anytime, FREE simply with a internet connected computer, just like you check your e mail, you can check the movements of the vehicle..

With Regards to ...Existing tracking companies...here are 2 articles that are self explanatory...




22 March 2005




The Competition Commission (“the Commission”) has referred two complaints involving possible collusion and collective abuse of dominance against 5 vehicle tracking and recovery companies and 15 manufacturers of mechanical gearlocks and electronic alarm/immobilizers to the Competition Tribunal (“the Tribunal”) for adjudication. These companies are members of the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (“VESA”), allegedly the only standards and regulation body dedicated to promoting and protecting the vehicle security industry and consumers in South Africa. The Commission’s investigation followed complaints that were lodged against these companies by Tracetec (Pty) Ltd (“Tracetec”) and Ivan Miller t/a CB Radio Installation Services.


Tracetec, which operates a vehicle and movable asset identification, tracking and recovery system, alleged that Netstar (Pty) Ltd (“Netstar”), Matrix Vehicle Tracking (Pty) Ltd (“Matrix”), Tracker (Pty) Ltd (“Tracker”), Global Telematics SA (Pty) Ltd (“Orchid”) Bandit Ltd (“Bandit”) are using the VESA committees as a platform for collusion and collective abuse of dominance within the vehicle tracking system industry. Collectively, these respondents hold almost 100% of the relevant market of supplying products and services for the tracking and recovery of motor vehicles in South Africa. This makes them the only significant competitors in this relevant market, the most dominant players being Netstar (46,2%) and Tracker (39,8%).


Furthermore, it is alleged that these companies within the VESA Stolen Vehicle Recovery Committee determine the membership criteria for VESA accreditation, thereby raising barriers to entry into VESA. It is also alleged that it is almost impossible for other competitors to enter the market for vehicle tracking and recovery without VESA accreditation, as VESA accreditation is required to qualify for insurance related work.


The other complainant, CB Radio Installation Services, which is a small business that specialises in the installation of gearlocks, immobilisers and car radios, alleged that VESA implemented a non-supply initiative, whereby VESA members were not allowed to supply products such as alarms, gearlocks etc. to non-VESA fitment centres, thereby excluding new entrants from the market for immobilising security devices. However, the Commission established that the said initiative was never implemented.


The Commission’s investigation established that there were contraventions of the Competition Act, however, only the Competition Tribunal can make the determination on whether the respondents are guilty or not. It appears that VESA members within the Stolen Vehicle Recovery Committee agreed on accreditation requirements for new applicants into the committee in a manner that excluded any new entrants to the market from receiving VESA approval. It was also found that the respondents have engaged in a restricted horizontal practice as referred to in section 4(1)(a), as well as a prohibited exclusionary act as referred to in section 8(c) of the Competition Act, in that the agreement between or concerted practice by the respondents impeded or prevented Tracetec and other competitors from entering or expanding within the market for the supply of products and services for the tracking and recovery of motor vehicles in South Africa. This exclusive conduct in the industry further entrenched the dominance of Netstar and Tracker to the detriment of other competitors or potential competitors.


When commenting on the above referral, the Commissioner, Advocate Simelane, stated that ”the impact of the respondent’s conduct to SMEs and new entrants is serious and requires urgent attention. It is for this reason that we ask the Tribunal to declare this conduct a prohibited practice so that smaller players such as Tracetec can have an opportunity to enter and expand in the market. Such ruling would send a message to other industries that any conduct that result in the creation of artificial entry barriers for upcoming businesses is not acceptable. There is also a need to keep this industry under surveillance to ensure that this type of conduct is not repeated by the respondents.”


The Commission has thus asked the Tribunal to declare the conduct of Netstar, Tracker, Matrix, Orchid and Bandit as prohibited practices and thus illegal.


During this investigation the Commission uncovered information suggesting other unacceptable conduct in this industry. In this regard the Commission initiated an investigation against 15 members of the VESA Mechanical Committee and the VESA Electronic Committee respectively for possibly colluding by agreeing within their committees in implementing agreements to fix minimum prices for VESA electronic alarm/immobilizer products and mechanical gear-lock products.


The investigation also revealed that these Committees communicated the same recommended minimum pricing structures to installation or fitment centers and agreed on sanctions to be imposed in the event that the installation or fitment centers sell below the recommended price. To the extent that the respondents are competitors in this market, section 4(1)(b)(i) which prohibits price fixing among competitors is contravened and to the extent that they are in a vertical relationship with the installation or fitment centers for the supply of gear-locks and alarms/immobilizers, section 5(2) of the Competition Act is contravened.  


Commenting on the alleged conduct of the 15 manufacturers, Advocate Simelane stated that he is “shocked to see the kind of practices that occur in this industry, especially because price fixing and RPM are supposed to be no-go areas for industry players unless they have an exemption. This probably explains why it is so difficult for consumers to get better prices when it comes to vehicles and vehicle components. If one takes into account the other pricing matters that the Commission recently dealt with, such as the fixing of retail prices by car manufacturers and that of spare parts, it is unlikely that consumers would get better deals if we do not intervene soon enough.”


It its referral papers against the 15 manufacturers, the Commission has asked the Tribunal to impose a fine of up to 10% of the annual turnover on each of the 15 manufacturers should they be found guilty of these contraventions.








Zodwa Ntuli

Divisional Manager: Compliance

Tel: 012 394 3188

Cell: 072 499 0962

Fax: 012 394 4188

E-mail: zodwan@compcom.co.za



The 15 respondents are:


Assa Abloy (Sa) (Pty) Ltd                                   First Respondent

Diamond Lock International (Pty) Ltd                 Second Respondent

Excess Technologies (Pty) Ltd                           Third Respondent

Geman Automotive Components (Pty) Ltd          Fourth Respondent

Grid Electronics (Pty) Ltd                                     Fifth Respondent

Grip-Tech (Pty) Ltd                                              Sixth Respondent

Multi Locking Security Systems Cc                     Seventh Respondent

Ramsay Engineering (Pty) Ltd                             Eighth Respondent

Digisec (Pty) Ltd                                                   Ninth Respondent

Goulas Electronics (Pty) Ltd                                Tenth Respondent

Mobile Tracker Distributors (Pty) Ltd                    Eleventh Respondent

Mobile Tracker Sa (Pty) Ltd                                 Twelfth Respondent

Pfk Electronics (Pty) Ltd                                       Thirteenth Respondent

Sanji Security Systems (Pty) Ltd                           Fourteenth Respondent

Shurlock (Pty) Ltd                                                  Fifteenth Respondent


The following article/s was the findings of the Competition Tribunal, who the above matter was referred to for ruling...














Competition Commission and Netstar

Case No :



Competition Commission
Netstar (Pty) Ltd & Others

Case Rating:





10:00:00 AM

Case summary:

The Competition Tribunal found that vehicle tracking companies, Netstar, Matrix Vehicle Tracking and Tracker Network (representing over 90% of the industry) and the industry association, the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) have contravened the Competition Act by setting standards which created barriers to entry; preventing competitors from entering or expanding in the market and denying consumers the benefit of lower prices, greater choice and technological development. The Tribunal found the standards had an exclusionary effect and were self-serving and irrational. This case has been brought by both the Competition Commission and the complainant and intervenor in the matter, a firm called Tracetec. Tracetec wanted to enter the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) market because they believed that a radio transmitter technology could be successfully applied in the SVR market. However, based on the standards, Tracetec was prevented from being admitted to the SVR category. VESA is an industry association for firms engaged in the vehicle security industry that at the relevant time had a sub-committee that set standards for admission to membership of its SVR category. The Tribunal concluded, based on evidence, that it was not possible for a firm to expand in the SVR market at the time without having its product approved by VESA in the SVR category. This was because all the major short term insurance companies, represented through their industry association, would not approve a customer installing a system that did not have VESA approval. The Tribunal also noted, in its reasons, that the South African Insurance Industry Association (SAIA) (representing all the large insurers and a large part of the rest of the industry) who had organised VESA to set standards for the industry did so, not because of concerns for the consumer but for its own business interests. The relief being sought by both the Commission and Tractec was limited to a declaration that the conduct constituted a prohibited practice, ie that the conduct was anti-competitive. This declaration would enable a rival firm to institute civil action for damages against the respondents. However, no administrative penalty was competent because the case was brought under a section of the Act for which a fine could not be imposed for a first time contravention. As the behaviour was historical no interdict was sought either. The reason the case is largely historical is that in May 2004, Netstar, Matrix and Tracker jointly resigned from VESA. Since then VESA was not successful in imposing a standard on the industry and no new standard exists presently. The case of the Commission and the complainant is that the standards were set in such a way that they excluded competitors from entry into VESA, rendering them ineffectual competitors in the market. The controversial aspects of the criteria were that in order to qualify as a member a firm had to reach certain performance targets; it had to have been in operation for at least one year, have installed at least 3000 units, and have made 100 recoveries. In order to establish that a contravention of the Act had occurred the Tribunal had to determine whether there was an agreement between, or concerted practice by, firms in a horizontal relationship. Since the performance standard was reached as a result of the agreement of the three SVR respondents, who were competitors, and they did so as a VESA sub-committee this was regarded as a decision of an association of firms in a horizontal relationship. The SVR respondents argued that standard setting should not be considered anti-competitive when the standards are driven by consumers, as opposed to competitors. The consumer here, they argued was the insurance industry, which had wanted the standard and had approved it. However, the evidence shows that although SAIA might have driven the concept of having a standard it was not instrumental in formulating its content. SAIA also had its own agenda for wanting VESA to control access to SVR market and this was not rooted in concerns for the consumer but in concerns for its own business interests. The Tribunal also noted that at various times the standard was amended by the Committee to make it easier for the three firms to get approval for their new products whilst at the same time denying this latitude to new entrants The Tribunal found that the SVR respondents failed to defend the reasonableness of the standards. The most damning evidence comes from the SVR respondents’ own experience of getting new products approved. All three struggled to get their new products approved in terms of the standard and sought special exceptions for themselves. The agreement thus led to a substantial prevention and lessening of competition in the SVR market. The respondents have been unable to show any other technological efficiency or other pro-competitive gain from the standard. The Tribunal found VESA liable as well. This was because VESA allowed the three SVR respondents to set a standard of approval that was anti-competitive and to enforce that standard using VESA’s name and organisational structure. All four defendants are liable for the costs of Tractec.


complaint, motor vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, national, standards, barriers to entry, irrational, industry association, stolen vehicle recovery, section 4(1)(a)

Judgment source:

Competition Tribunal



Last update user:

tebogo mputle

Last update date:

20/4/2010 10:38:15 AM

 Competition Tribunal, Republic of South Africa © 2006. All Rights Reserved

The ruling above is self explanatory, suffice to say, the widely ‘popular’ and famous, now infamous large tracking companies, insurance companies as well as almost all fleet management and tracking service companies are happy to charge you month after month after month with no end.

Each and every single tracking company we researched , amongst another approx 60 tracking and fleet management & stolen vehicle recovery companies operating or offering similar services in South Africa, are amongst approx 1600 similar companies world-wide, all offering vehicle tracking / fleet management services and or Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) services.

There are no other companies in South Africa and very few others anywhere in the world that offer our unique concept and revolutionary cost saving model. OF total freedom from the supplier and zero compulsory costs to continue tracking..

Most, if not all of the companies in South Africa and world-wide offer similar cost models based on
1.  Monthly cost, or
2.  Once off fee and reduced monthly cost or
3.  Once off fee and monthly cost, but flexible as month to month.

1. So whether you choose to pay up-front, you still pay monthly for tracking,
{recovery is included in some and excluded in others. or available as an optional extra.}
2. If you choose not to pay up-front, you pay a higher monthly fee
3.if you choose a month to month option without any contract, when you stop paying, you stop tracking...

So until now, there was absolutely no way to get away from the recurring and continuous costs!

Until now!

this was very unattractive - so necessity drove us to uncover this...

Since 2001, we have paid our tracking company approx R 800 000-00  (8 hundred thousand rand ), tracking our fleet of  vehicles, so  when our 36month contracts came up for renewal for the 3rd of 36 month cycle in Nov 2010, we wanted to cut costs more especially since the world economy is in a severely depressed and tough economic environment.
We started investigating alternatives and options available since we were paying approx R100'000 per year for tracking and recovery services.

this is when we realised, that apart and over and above the  allegations and investigations by the competition commission and subsequent ruling and findings of the Competition Tribunal against the top companies named, all the other tracking companies operated on a very similar cost and pricing model, with the consumer effectively being forced to pay as long as the tracking was active, irrespective of whether they bought the unit out-right or went with terms price, the monthly costs were a compulsory part and there was no way out and no alternative, thus generating a continuous and very valuable but costly revenue stream of monthly payment cycles to these tracking companies. Even if you offered or wanted to buy the device outright, still too your continued access to tracking would be totally dependent on continued payment to them.


There is no exit or relief from the monthly cycle of continuous and repeat payments, which when calculated adds up to a considerable amount, and at the end of it all, you have nothing to show for it...irrespective of what system you purchased or how much you may have paid, when your payments cease, so too will your tracking / access to tracking and / or related services where applicable.

After much research & development together with investment in technology and local and global technology partners, we now offer this new and unique refreshing alternative as a significant cost saving initiative and alternative to break away from the same old recurring cost trap associated with all the existing alternatives available in South Africa currently. 

A very attractive alternative to any fleet owner, do the math please, and see for yourself how much you have poured into your tracking company over the years...

we use gps satellite technology, that is active 24hours day/night - 7 days a week,

We incorporate the most accurate GPS functionality with accuracy of up to 10meter radius

and allow you free access to the website, to track and locate and pin point the location anytime, anywhere, and from anywhere in the world that you may be.

You can even access and track the current live position and movements from most smart cellular phones with internet access.

You can see speeds travelled, do a historical verification of a trip, even a accurate and detailed replay showing each and every stop, estimated mileage and speeds being travelled all along the route, and also see this entire route or even zoom into specific points and check street level 3D views incorporating the latest maps and pictures.

Our system is unique, once you pay the cost for the unit, you are the owner.. Tracking on the internet is unlimited and FREE, all u need is access to any computer or cellular phone with internet access ...view all this online from your desktop pc, laptop or even cell phone on the internet with live and accurate gps positions 24 -7 – 365 from almost anywhere in the world without having to call a call centre or incur any costs for tele-calls etc.

the device cost is ONCE OFF R4'900-00 ( Excl VAT)
installation is FREE at a fitment centre/ & can be arranged on-site for a fee
web site tracking is FREE, all u need is access to the internet.

GPS positions EVERY 30sec whilst the asset / vehicle is in Motion is FREE for the 1st year.

All live & current as well as historical trip data of
satellite logged gps positions are stored and available to you the on internet at our website at an optional cost R100-00 per year, ONLY ONE HUNDRED RAND PER YEAR!!!- And is ENTIRELY optional as and when you wish to track,

So less than R8-50 per month for access to continued live accurate satellite logs,

And it is entirely optional and you may use it as / when and if you wish, or simply not pay until you wish to use it again.

We also have a additional unique network marketing option where you can effectively get your device free and even make a considerable profit,
works as such,
for each referral that you show, demo and sale the device to for the normal price, you will receive a R490 refund.
This effectively means that if you successfully sell the same product to 10 others, it will be as though you paid nothing...

plus R490 for each and every 1 you sell thereafter.

We have fitment centres across South Africa.

Agents and Distributors enquiries welcome.

There are only 2 discount structures available, for purchases of 10 or more at 5%, or 20 or more at 8%  in 1 purchase/payment.

Call now, and start saving immediately by breaking FREE from the shackles of continuous and repeat monthly tracking costs, after paying for the vehicle, its yours, but long after you finish pay for the vehicle, you are never really free from the monthly cost of the tracking device, we introduce you to a first in South Africa, buy our device, get the tracking on the website free and have absolutely no compulsory monthly fees or fixed repeat costs...

Errors & Omissions Excluded, All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice. Copyright.

Money Back Gaurantee



Our  Money back guarantee to you.

WE offer, for your absolute and complete peace of mind and rest assurance, to pay in full your insurance excess or refund fully your cost of this device purchase if ever your vehicle or asset is stolen and not recovered,

(subject to terms and conditions)



gps247- Tracking System

Tabulate differences

Conventional - Tracking / Fleet management / Stolen Vehicle recovery


Difference/advantage of gps247

Once off fee plus monthly cost

Once off fee ONLY

No contracts, no recurring monthly fees- save thousands

Access to web site tracking only on premium package

Access to unlimited  gps position 24hours day/night is standard.

No extra costs for premium value extras

If or when you stop paying, your tracking access will cease.

No monthly payments mean that you have access to tracking non-stop

Cost benefit of enormous monthly savings compounded.

In the event of unit failure or non recovery, a Refund is offered of only monthly subscriptions, and subject to conditions.

We pay your insurance excess or refund you in full up to the full value of the device purchase cost, in the event of unit failure or non recovery, also subject to conditions

Rest assured, peace of mind,

Lowest cost of R99 per vehicle per month, if hardware is supplied free and tracking stops when payment stops. This basic package has no detailed trip records stored or any accurate map positions

Zero cost per month, gps tracking is ongoing and does not stop, and has detailed trip records of stopping points and speeds as well as estimated mileage with clearly defined map positions showing satellite imagery and pictures with street level maps

Over 60months of the common vehicle finance period, total cost of almost R6’000 will be paid by you and still you will continue to pay month after month with almost no features available on that basic system, but with gps247 after your purchase, you pay nothing to us, and you are saving costs and benefitting from a system with many features as well as live tracking.


Please Go to our website  www.gps247.org for a demo of the system features.

System available anywhere in South Africa currently, installation can be arranged in your area, please call or e mail us with any further queries.

E mail address is:  www.gps247.org@gmail.com

Agent / Distributor / General Enquiries Help Line – 071 305 2634


Contact Us

General / Distribution or Agent Enquiries
(South Africa) 071 305 2634
(International callers) +27 71 305 2634
Email: contact at gps247.org

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our purchase contract for comprehensive terms and conditions, warranties and
guarantee and well as usage parameters , conditions and access available.
Errors & Omissions Excluded, All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice. Copyright.